Create confidence through beauty

At Robert Laurence Salon Spa Barber, we realize the difficulty in dealing with hair loss and makeup challenges. As caring professionals, we can help by offering:

  • A comfortable, private setting
  • A first-time complimentary interactive consultation
  • Choice of natural or synthetic hair
  • Resources for ordering wig styles and colors
  • Custom hand-tied highlights, lowlights and professional cut that best resembles your own hair
  • Wig alterations to assure the most comfortable fit
  • Instruction on wig maintenance
  • Supplies for homecare of wigs
  • Cleaning and maintenance services


Insurance may cover the cost of the wig. We will supply you with a receipt for your insurance submission. Please bring a photograph of your hairstyle so we can closely match the color and desired style. Feel free to bring a family member or friend.

Cosmetic Challenges

Cosmetic challenges can be a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To help, we offer:

  • Cosmetic consultations
  • Makeup lessons
  • Cosmetic solutions for eyelash and brow loss

Massage & Stress Relief

We offer massage therapy and stress-relieving facials to help comfort and heal. Our licensed massage therapist and esthetician offer professional services in a private setting.

“Since 1998, I have made custom wigs for cancer patients. The finished product has provided comfort, a sense of control and an elevation in self-esteem to these clients. Each wig is carefully shaped and fitted to their specific needs. Highlighting, lowlighting, and even gray strands of hair are hand-tied into the wig, helping to achieve a natural look.

I developed my wig-making skills serving as Wigmaster for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater since 1990. My artistry and attention to detail make my service unique.”

-Kevin McElroy, Co-proprietor, Robert Laurence Salon Spa Barber

Please call for an appointment today. The results extend far beyond the wig.